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Know how long alimony payments will last

When people divorce, one spouse may need to pay alimony. People may wonder how long they will need to make these payments. According to FindLaw, courts award alimony so that people can maintain the standard of living they had during the marriage. Ex-spouses may not...

What is alienation of affection?

If your marriage ended because your spouse deserted you, then you may have a unique opportunity to claim punitive damages from him or her. According to FindLaw, alienation of affection is something that might give you grounds to sue your spouse for damages after your...

Not getting married? Consider other legal protection

For many couples, marriage has two meanings: a sentimental or religious purpose and a legal purpose. While the personal side takes a different form for everyone, the legal side is rigid. North Carolina law provides specific benefits and protections to married couples...

Unemployment and spousal support obligations

For those who lose their job, life often becomes hard in a lot of ways. Paying bills, buying food and dealing with uncertainty about one's future is often a major hurdle. Some people are able to find another position relatively briefly, but the job market is very...

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