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Standing Up For Grandparents, Relatives And Third-Parties

While parents dispute over custody, grandparents often feel cut off from the proceedings (and the children they love). Other third parties such as aunts, uncles and adult siblings may also desire a say in the proceedings, lest they lose contact with a child they care about.

At Parsons Law, we understand the importance of the grandparent-grandchild bond and the positive role other relatives can play in a child’s life. If you have concerns about your future relationship with a child at the center of a custody dispute, our Asheville attorneys are here to help you explore your rights and options.

What Rights Do Nonparents Have?

As with any family law issues involving a child, a key concern in grandparent and third-party rights cases is doing what is in the best interest of the child. But it’s more complicated than that. Getting into court and being heard as a third-party regarding custody is complex. Our trial attorneys can tell you if you can be heard and how, strategizing to get you the results you want.

We understand the special relationship that exists between grandparents and grandchildren, as well as other third-parties and children in their lives, and we will do everything in our power to make sure that bond is not severed. With our depth of skill in court hearings and trial, we can represent you with determination and commitment.

Talk To A Lawyer Who Understands Your Situation

To learn more about third-party custody rights in North Carolina, and to consult with an experienced child custody lawyer, please contact our office by telephone at 828-581-9529 or by filling out the online request form.